Well-Being Public Speaking

Well-Being Public Speaking:

  • Physical Education/Mindfulness
  • DTW Public Speaking events aren’t passive talks; they are interactive experiences
  • DTW Public Speakinh combines Physical Education and Mindfulness to deliver well-being speeches like no othar
  • DTW Public Speaking event are suitable for schools, universities, sports clubs and corporate organisations
  • DTW Public Speaking motivates and energises audiences
  • Through practical mental health advice and easy-to-remember teaching points, DTW Public Speaking events will provide you with tools to cultivate your own personal happiness
  • With high levels of positive energy and audience interaction, DTW Public Speaking offers unique learning experiences which are not easily forgotten
  • DTW Public speaking events will teach you how to be the happiest/healthiest version of you
  • Examples of DTW Talks:

“Lifestyle Cycles”

“How to Mind your Mental Health.”

“Physical Activity and Positive Mental Health”

“Sleep hygiene”

“The Feel-Good Factor of Fitness”

“Educating the Next Generation”


“Resilience and Self-Care”

“Well-being as we age”

“Stress to Success”

“Break Smart – How to utilize your downtime effectively.”

“Well-being for University Students”

“Core 4”

“When you Doubt or Care Too Much”

“Men, Masculinity and Mental Health