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PTW Public Speaking

Physical Education/Mindfulness

DTWellbeing Talks aren’t passive events; they are interactive experiences. We combine Physical Education and Mindfulness to deliver public speaking events like no other.

Through practical mental health advice and easy-to-remember teaching points, we will provide you with the tools to cultivate your own personal happiness.  

With high levels of positive energy and lots of audience interaction, DTWellbeing Talks are not easily forgotten.

DTWellbeing Talks are suitable for schools, universities, sports clubs, and corporate organisations.

We will teach you how to become the happiest/healthiest version of yourself.

Examples of DTW Talks:

“Lifestyle Cycles”


“How to Mind your Mental Health.”


“Physical Activity and Positive Mental Health”


“Sleep hygiene”


“The Feel-Good Factor of Fitness”


“Educating the Next Generation”




“Resilience and Self-Care”


“Well-being as we Age”


“Stress to Success”


“Break Smart – How to utilize your downtime effectively.”


“Well-being for University Students”


“Core 4”

“When you Doubt or Care Too Much”

“Men, Masculinity and Mental Health



“Daniel came to Mount Anville Secondary School to speak to our 5th Year cohort as part of our ‘Minding my Mind’ week in October 2018.
Daniel captured the interest of the students with his engaging, relevant and age-appropriate presentation, with a delivery that was charismatic and thought-provoking. Daniel kept the students mentally engaged by continuously including them in his presentation through questioning and asking for their contributions.
The presentation educated students on signs of mental ill-health, coping strategies on how to deal with having off-days, advice on how to help a friend/family member who seems to be struggling, and information on where to go for more help if needed.
We loved the emphasis Daniel put on the importance of physical activity in contributing to overall wellbeing and how closely intertwined physical and mental health are. The students were given practical, easy to remember take-home strategies which they can use daily to make sure they are being self-aware and taking care of their wellbeing, e.g. "Core 4" and 5,4,3,2,1 awareness/mindfulness activity.
Daniel's presentation was not only beneficial for the students but also for the members of staff who attended. I would highly recommend Daniel as a keynote speaker for adults, teenagers and children in relation to any physical activity/mental health/wellbeing topic. His passion and love for this topic and people is genuine, which is obvious from the moment he speaks!” -
Ms. Keenehan
Public Speaking
Mount Anville Secondary School