Well-Being Coaching

Well-Being Coaching
Physical Education/Mindfulness

DTW Personal Training is more than simply counting reps and shouting instruction

Well-being Coaching provides the tools for living in the present moment, through mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and engaging with the feel good-factor of fitness

Well-being Coaching empowers individuals by providing them with an education in well-being, as well as the support and motivation throughout their journey of health and happiness

Well-being Coaching helps people to formulate positive habits and routines which, in time, will lead to the cultivation of a nourishing lifestyle

Well-being Coaching is an investment in yourself and will help you to become the happiest and healthiest version of you

DTW wants to change your life by transforming your energy

Features of Well-being Coaching:

Physical Education


Sleep Hygiene Coaching


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Strength Training

Nutrition Guidance


Body Compositional Training

Resilience Coaching


Stress Management Coaching

Cardio-Vascular Endurance Training

Mindset Management


Self-Esteem Coaching


Flexibility Training


Confidence Coaching


Tools for coping with Anxiety



“It’s difficult to describe the impact that anxiety can have on you, but thankfully you don’t need to with Daniel – he gets it. His deep understanding of the causes and effects of anxiety were clear from the moment we began to talk.
I contacted Daniel when I was at a very low point, with anxiety impacting every area of my life. I was finding it difficult to enjoy anything and was struggling with work. Coming back from an ankle operation, I was also trying to find my way back to physical fitness. We met for an intro session and Daniel’s knowledge, experience, compassion and motivation to help convinced me immediately to sign up for the DTWellbeing programme. This was exactly what I needed. Through the programme, Daniel helped me to find my feet again. Through focusing firstly on the basics, and then tailoring the programme to my specific needs, the improvement even in the first few weeks was incredible. Using exercise as both a tool to manage anxiety and as an opportunity to talk through issues is a powerful combination, and Daniel uses this to great effect.
I continue to work with Daniel, and his infectious enthusiasm and drive, coupled with a high level of expertise, have allowed me to get back to a normal life and to feel like myself again. I would recommend the DTWellbeing programme to anyone that finds themselves in a similar position." -