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DTW Personal Training is more than simply counting reps and shouting instruction. Well-being Coaching provides the tools for living in the present moment, through mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and engaging with the feel good-factor of fitness. Well-being Coaching empowers individuals by providing them with an education in well-being, as well as the support and motivation throughout their journey of health and happiness. Well-being Coaching helps people to formulate positive habits and routines which, in time, will lead to the cultivation of a nourishing lifestyle. Well-being Coaching is an investment in yourself and will help you to become the happiest and healthiest version of you. DTW wants to change your life by transforming your energy.


"I can't describe how beneficial the PT program was for me, in just 6 weeks i gained so much confidence, strength and managed to tone my body. The confidence helped me with my anxiety as well as being happy with how I look and feeling stronger. Daniel is an excellent PT, he is more than qualified, energetic, positive and just a great human being, and he will bring you the needed results!

10/10 would recommend to anyone who's interested in a PT program. 🔥🔥💪💪"


"It’s difficult to describe the impact that anxiety can have on you, but thankfully you don’t need to with Dan – he gets it. His deep understanding of the causes and effects of anxiety were clear from the moment we began to talk.
I contacted Dan when I was at a very low point, with anxiety impacting every area of my life. I was finding it difficult to enjoy anything and was struggling with work. Coming back from an ankle operation, I was also trying to find my way back to physical fitness. We met for an intro session and Dan’s knowledge, experience, compassion and motivation to help convinced me immediately to sign up for the DTW programme.
This was exactly what I needed. Through the programme, Dan helped me to find my feet again. Through focussing firstly on the basics, and then tailoring the programme to my specific needs, the improvement even in the first few weeks was incredible. Using exercise as both a tool to manage anxiety and as an opportunity to talk through issues is a powerful combination, and Dan uses this to great effect.
I continue to work with Dan, and his infectious enthusiasm and drive, coupled with a high level of expertise, have allowed me to get back to a normal life and to feel like myself again. I would recommend the DTW programme to anyone that finds themselves in a similar position."
“I have been working with Daniel for the last year, and I unreservedly recommend the DTWellbeing method. As a former competitive Irish dancer, and currently as a marathon runner rehabilitating several injuries, DTWellbeing is the only plan that has successfully kept me active and has suited my need for an aggressive and effective mind/body fitness program. Daniel’s enthusiasm is infectious, and DTWellbeing suits both beginners just embarking on a fitness journey and professionals looking to improve and/or complement intensive programs. DTWellbeing is so unique in that it truly addresses mental and physical wellbeing- other programs make claims, while DTWellbeing takes action to achieve individual fitness goals in a safe and reasonable manner. DTWellbeing will absolutely help you to reach your mental and physical best, and best of all, to help you feel proud of your goals as you achieve them step-by-step.”
"I trained with Daniel over the course of 6 weeks and what an absolute game changer it was. I was quite dubious to take up PT again as I had some unfortunate experiences previously but I am so glad I did. Over the course of 6 weeks, I saw huge positive  changes in the way my clothes fitted, my energy levels, my anxiety and my general wellbeing. I went to Daniel for toning up before a holiday but actually I received so many other benefits than just toning up. Daniel is a fantastic PT, life coach and educator. I would recommend Daniel to any one who is looking for a PT."
"My experience of working with DTW is a happy one. I went to Daniel nervous to ask for help with training and I was instantly put at ease. As we spoke about my targets for the program, it was clear that they would be achievable as clearly he is very well educated and I also knew I'd feel comfortable regardless of my ability of training with him. First impression is just that he's a nice guy.
Over time I became very comfortable around Daniel and enjoyed spending an hour training with him. The training was very focused to exactly what I wanted and he also gave me multiple little hacks to make things easier for myself. What makes DTW different and makes it head and shoulders above any other PT service I've ever heard of, is Daniel's genuine interest in you as a person, your interests and your mental health. I would feel comfortable, even now having finished a program with him, talking to him about personal issues, stuff I probably wouldn't talk about in another situation with anyone. Honestly, even going and spending an hour with him would give me good vibes.
If I had a bad week in college/work I'd book in with Daniel and just absorb the positivity that radiates from the guy. I have experienced a serious change of mood from working with the man and picked up some nice quotes from him too! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and would 10/10 recommend DTW to anyone looking for personal training or anyone who is just upset."
"When I came to Daniel 6 weeks ago I had three goals. 1) to become more confident in my form and technique 2) to improve my cardiovascular health, and 3) to cut back and eventually quit smoking. 
My struggle with OCD and disordered eating was a huge barrier to me during past training programmes, and in my first consultation with Daniel I was completely honest with him on these matters. Having listened carefully, and without judgement, it was clear that Daniel was aware of how a strictly structured programme could be a challenge for me, and we agreed on certain boundaries which we could have from the get-go to make the programme manageable for me. Going forward our focus was on strength, confidence, enjoyment, and mindfulness- with almost no focus whatsoever on aesthetic, weight, or nutrition. 
Every session with Daniel was an uplifting, yet grounding experience. By chatting things through together, and bringing all fears, worries and even positive emotions out on the mat, even some of my worst days ended in peace, gratitude, and acceptance. Six weeks on, I have doubled in strength in most areas, and have more than tripled my upper body strength!! My biggest accomplishment is that I’ve finally freed myself from smoking- a toxic habit which was destructive not only to my overall health, but also to my self-confidence and relationship with myself. This couldn’t have been possible without the genuine support of Daniel and his constant encouragement and pride in each of our little achievements together. I’ve emerged from my programme as a happier, healthier, and much more confident version of myself, and am feeling much stronger both mentally and physically. My hope now is to put this confidence and strength to use on my own watch, using the knowledge I gained from Daniel as guidance. Nevertheless,  Daniel can rest assured that I’ll return soon with some new goals to smash together- and even harder than we did the last!!"
"When I first availed of Daniel’s PT service, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. As a young woman with an intellectual disability these situations can sometimes be difficult for me. However, I found Daniel’s enthusiasm, energy and positivity very infectious. Daniel gave me a new confidence in my physical capabilities. He had high expectations of me and made the experience fun as well as hard work. He believed in me and this helped enormously when I struggled. With Daniel’s help and support I reached limits that I never thought possible. I am very happy to recommend Daniel’s services to anyone who is embarking on a fitness training program for health and fitness or to reach specific goals."
Mei Lin