Online Coaching

(Physical Education/Life Coaching)
DTW Online Coaching delivers an education in well-being, wherever you may be in the world. We use Zoom, YouTube, WhatsApp and email to provide an educational experience like no other. DTW Online Coaching provides an affordable well-being education, tailored to your exact goals and needs. We will make you healthier and happier from the comfort of your own home.


"I contacted Daniel after I had come across his social media when I was looking for some personal training and was also interested to learn from someone who I thought stood out in terms of his determination to help others. I can say I have never been more impressed by anyones authenticity and good nature as Daniel and I had the pleasure of working with him on a productivity & wellbeing program recently where he taught me many valuable lessons on wellbeing and getting the most out of myself in my career. He is excellent in his knowledge of wellbeing and fitness, excellent at teaching people how to improve and also a great guy to talk to. I believe hiring him is one of the best things you could do whether you are an individual, group or organisation, young or old. A true role model for young people in Ireland."
"In 2020 I made the decision to start a business. After making that decision, I contacted Daniel to talk about working with me to manage the impact that starting a new business would have on my life. Daniel successfully advised and coached me through the professional and personal challenges of the last few months. He ensured that I focussed proactively on my new business, that I spent my time wisely on the most important tasks and maintained a long-term perspective on the challenge. He helped me keep a focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and ultimately I found myself getting fitter and healthier during what is normally a very stressful challenge. The counsel he provided on managing and improving relationships in my professional and personal life is something that I will benefit from for a long time to come."
“Daniel’s online program helped greatly in getting me into the shape that I’m in now. I am fitter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever before, and it was great value too! Working with Daniel was a pleasure ❤️”
"Daniel radiates positivity, and it comes through in his passion for life, health, and wellbeing. By the third lengthy Winter lockdown I radiated the opposite! I looked and felt my worst and didn’t really know how to get back to my core self. Luckily, I found Daniel. He is an inspiring, educated PT instructor and wellbeing coach. He listens as well as hears and addresses his client’s individual needs, all at excellent value too. Highly recommend collaborating with Daniel. He genuinely cares, guides you through your original intention with undeniable results!"