Group Coaching

Group Well-Being Coaching

(High Intensity Interval Training/Mindfulness)

DTW Group Well-Being Coaching is designed to challenge participants to be present through engaging with the feel-good factor of fitness.  DTW Group Well-Being Coaching is suitable for everyone, with regressions and progressions offered for every exercise.  DTW Group Coaching focuses on high-intensity total-body workouts to maximise metabolic conditioning to burn away those calories as well as the stress and anxiety of daily life.

We provide effective instruction and clear demonstrations, as well as support, motivation and encouragement throughout every class, and pride ourselves in leaving you smiling (and sweating) after every session. Good vibes are a guarantee!

 Features of DTW Group Training:

Physical Education

Positive, Inspiring, Like-Minded Community

Mental Health Boost

Total-Body Exercises to Maximise Metabolic Conditioning

Support from Friends and Peers


Anxiety Relief

High Levels of Interaction and Motivation

Social Accountability, Connection and Encouragement

Feel-Good Factor of Fitness

Facilitation through Effective Instruction

A Healthy Social Outlet


Stress Busting, Satisfying HIIT Workout



    “When I first arrived at Daniel’s class I assumed it was going to be the same thing as all the other generic classes I had been too. But I was quick to realise that it was different.
    The intensity and energy he brought to the class caught everyone’s attention from the get go and I knew I needed to up my game. Speaking clearly and concisely he demonstrated all the exercises that would be included in the class and set high expectations to make every rep count and focus on form not just simply going through the motions. 
    Daniel pushes everyone including himself to get the most out of a 45 minute class. Not only does he have a killer playlist but also he makes sure there’s room for a bit of craic too as long as you’re not slacking on the workout. I couldn’t recommend him more as an instructor, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious!" -
    Group Coaching