Group Well-Being Coaching

Group Well-Being Coaching:

(High Intensity Interval Training/Mindfulness)

  • DTW Group Well-Being Coaching is designed to challenge participants to be present through engaging with the feel-good factor of fitness
  • DTW Group Well-Being Coaching is suitable for everyone, with regressions and progressions offered for every exercise.
  • We provide effective instruction and clear demonstrations, as well as support, motivation and encouragement throughout every class.
  • DTW Group Coaching focuses on high-intensity total-body workouts to maximise metabolic conditioning to burn away those calories as well as the stress and anxiety of daily life.
  • We pride ourselves in leaving you smiling (and sweating) after every session, and good vibes are a guarantee!
  • Features of DTW Group Training:

Physical Education


Positive, Inspiring, Like-Minded Community

Mental Health Boost


Total-Body Exercises to Maximise Metabolic Conditioning


Support from Friends and Peers


Anxiety Relief

High Levels of Interaction and Motivation


Social Accountability, Connection and Encouragement


Feel-Good Factor of Fitness


Facilitation through Effective Instruction


Healthy Social Outlet


Stress Busting, Satisfying HIIT Workout