Weighing Scales and Well-being

  • There are a number of reasons it's best not to rely on the scales for measuring weight loss
  • Your weight can fluctuate after just one meal, and 1kg-3kg over a day
  • We're often heavier in the evening after eating and drinking
  • One study found that weight is highest after the weekend and the ideal weigh-in time is Wednesday morning before consuming anything
  • In addition, overreliance on the scales could contribute to an unhealthy body image and relationship with food, and for some people they can become a crutch
  • Be mindful that a weight reading doesn't reflect how much body fat you are carrying, your overall body composition, or how healthy you are
  • Even if the number on the scale isn't falling, you could still be losing body fat, gaining muscle, sleeping better, and improving your gut health

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