University as a Social-Ecological System

  • A university is a social-ecological system. 
  • The word itself comes from the Latin word ‘universus’, meaning whole and entire; it’s a world of its own – an institute of higher education where students live and study. 
  • Whilst universities are primarily providers of educational and vocational qualifications, they also have a responsibility in protecting and promoting student welfare. 
  • Universities are an ideal environment to develop health and well-being amongst its inhabitants, and ultimately play a major role in shaping society. 
  • As research and development are among the key functions of a university, it is well-positioned to develop, evaluate, and disseminate best practice in support of student well-being. 
  • The knowledge and expertise that students attain through their education play a significant role in shaping the future of societies in which they will choose to live and work.   


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