Stress Management

Stress has always been a part of life - it is nothing new. Toxic stress, however, is a relatively new phenomenon and if left unmanaged, can become devastatingly destructive. This is why it is now critically important that we manage the stressors in our lives, wherever possible.

Below is a list of common stressors (count how many are relevant to your life):

  • Toxic people
  • Confrontation
  • Poor financial management
  • Uncertainty
  • Ego

Stress is caused by external factors, but is managed exclusively from the inside; we cannot influence the vast majority of the outside world, and the converse is also true, if we practice effective stress-management. This blog may be used as a guide to managing stress through effective stress management and self-care.

DTW Top Tips for Stress Management:

Scope of control

Only try to control the controllable stressors in your life.

Catastrophe scale

Ask yourself how bad is the situation really? Does it deserve your stress?


Select one option from below and resolve to follow through with your chosen course of action:

Reframe (accept)

Recharge (change)

Discharge (leave)

DTW Top Tips for Self-Care:

Stress and negative energy equals suffering. We shouldn’t settle for suffering. The secret to non-suffering is self-care. This is a list of my top tips for developing personal boundaries to reduce stress:

Help yourself first

Don’t lose yourself caring for others.

Stay away from toxic people

Your relationships should relieve stress, not cause it.

Have zero-tolerance for disrespect

Don’t let loyalty make a fool out of you.

Don’t be afraid to upset other people

It’s OK to forgive people and not allow them back into your life.

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  • I liked what you wrote about toxic stress, everything in a moment of our lives we have lived that and it is a very hard situation.

    Norbys Adames

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