Renewing Well-being


Exercise - Be physically active for 40/60 mins daily

Nutrition - Eat whole foods that contribute to your health and/or growth

Stress Management - Only try to control the controllables



Service - Help others

Empathy - Put yourself in the shoes of others

Synergy - Co-operate with others for the betterment of everybody



Value Clarification - Get clear on your own personal values

Commitment - Commit to your goals

Meditation - Meditate daily (I recommend using the “Insight Timer” app)



Reading - Read for an hour every day

Writing - Develop a practice of journaling

Planning - Plan days/weeks/months ahead of time



Sociability - Get out and mix with your community (Maintaining social distancing protocols, for now)

Tribe - Ally yourself with like-minded individuals who will support your goals

Identity - You become who you surround yourself with; choose wisely

Nothing but ❤️

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