Renewing Well-being

This blog post will be advice as to what to do when you need to renew your well-being.  I will make reference to: Physical; Emotional; Spiritual; Mental, and Social Well-Being.  This advice will be useful for anyone, anywhere who would like to improve their health and increase their happiness, whether immediately, or in the near-future.

Physical well-being can be renewed through exercising or being physically active for 40/60 minutes a day; by eating whole foods that contribute to health and growth, and by managing stress through only trying to control the controllable.  Emotional well-being can be renewed by being of service and helping others; by practicing empathy and compassion for others, and through cooperating and synergising with other people within your community.

Spiritual well-being can be renewed through gaining value clarification and committing to achieving your goals. Meditating is another way to renew spiritual well-being.  Mental well-being can be renewed through reading, writing, journaling, and planning.  Social well-being can be renewed by getting out and mixing with your community and allying yourself with like-minded individuals who will support your goals.




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