Mindfulness Based Meditation

  • Mindfulness Based Meditation (MBM) is a process of training the mind to function in a non-judgmental minute-to-minute mode (Gazella, 2005).
  • Meditation is the “intentional practice of uncritically focusing your attention on one thing at a time.” (Davis, 2010, p. 76). 
  • Exactly what that thing might be is relatively unimportant and varies from one tradition to the next.  MBM is a form of meditation that “offers both deep relaxation and insight.” (Davis, 2010, p. 97). 
  • It cultivates a way of being in a harmonious relationship with what is. 
  • One of the two main elements of the MBM is the Body Scan. 
  • A body scan is often performed by first focusing the attention on the breath and then consecutively on each section of the body. 
  • The second element is the breathing meditation, whereas the flow of the breath is the subject of the practitioner’s attention.
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