• Not surprisingly, the majority of human beings rate personal happiness as very important and report thinking about happiness at least once every day.
  • Furthermore, the pursuit of happiness is becoming ever more global as people all over the world seek to fulfill the promises of capitalism and political freedom.
  • It seems that nearly all people believe, or would like to believe, that they can move in an “upward spiral” toward ever greater personal well-being. 
  • A number of researchers and thinkers have argued that the ability to be happy and contented with life is a central criterion of adaptation and positive mental health.
  • Happy people gain tangible benefits in many different life domains from their positive state of mind, including larger social rewards (higher odds of marriage and lower odds of divorce, more friends, stronger social support, and richer social interactions), superior work outcomes (greater creativity, increased productivity, higher quality of work, and higher income), and more activity, energy, and flow. 


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