Suffering does not serve us, so let’s collectively choose to end our suffering.  We can do this through practicing gratitude.

Gratitude breaks the cycle of suffering.  It is impossible to be grateful and sad simultaneously - they are mutually exclusive emotions.

Within 90 seconds of experiencing a negative emotion (sadness, anger, frustration, etc.), switch your state to a state of gratitude.  Try to concentrate on something that you are truly grateful for in life.  If we change our expectation and frustration into appreciation we can genuinely change our lives, because from appreciation we can find true joy.

Rewire your brain for positivity.  Create a habit of gratitude (e.g. being grateful when you are in the shower, when you’re driving to work, or when you’re in bed just before going to sleep).

Let’s try to be grateful for what we have rather than always wanting more.

We have so much more than most.

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