Feel-Good Factor of Fitness

  • When we move, our bodies release feel-good hormones within us, called endorphins.
  • This is an involuntary chemical response to our physical movement and we couldn’t stop this reaction from happening, even if we tried.
  • When we exercise - especially outdoors, we are forced to be present; we are in “the now“.
  • We are in the moment, and for that period of time all we can think about is what we are doing.
  • Furthermore, exercise in groups is great for our mental health as we are sociable by nature.
  • Exercise as part of a group gives us a healthy opportunity to be sociable.
  • Exercise helps to improve our self-esteem.
  • We develop a greater level of self-efficacy from performing athletic tasks competently.
  • We feel good about ourselves after completing physical challenges.

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