Depression is a debilitating physical and psychological illness that affects around 400,000 people in Ireland.  Individuals who are suffering with depression experience great fatigue, described as: a complete lack of energy, resulting in an inability to perform the easiest of tasks.

Depressed people feel unloved, unworthy, and of no value. Low self-esteem is a common symptom of depression which can result in loss of drive.  Negative thinking is another symptom of depression and can be described as: a distorted and often false interpretation of the world (sometimes called rumination) which focuses exclusively on unpleasant events and results in pessimistic predictions.

Lack of pleasure is an inability to enjoy anything that life has to offer and is one of the trademark symptoms of depression.  Being unable to enjoy any aspect of one’s life for any considerable length of time leads to suicidal thoughts, which are the most perilous symptom of depression.  The suicidal thoughts are bolstered and rationalised by low self-esteem, low mood, and a generally negative outlook on life. If these impulses become too strong, the person may feel compelled to cut themselves or attempt suicide.


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