Defining Well-Being

Well-being is a relatively new term, still finding its feet within common vernacular. Even amongst academics it is a contentious concept, and has been the subject of numerous (and often contradictory) definitions. The question of how well-being should be defined still remains largely unresolved, which has given rise to blurred and overly broad definitions of well-being.  Consequently, the diversity of definitions has created a confusing research base.  

What appears to be ubiquitously accepted is that well-being is a multi-dimensional construct related to health, however, it is also clear that we have not yet established a consensus on defining the term.  As interest in well-being grows, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have clarity in terms of how we measure well-being.  If we are ever going to be able to undertakvalid well-being assessments, any new definition must go beyond simply describing what it is ‘to be well’; we must strive to make a clear and definite statement of the exact meaning of ‘well-being’. 

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