Personal Training for Body and Mind


“It’s difficult to describe the impact that anxiety can have on you, but thankfully you don’t need to with Daniel – he gets it. His deep understanding of the causes and effects of anxiety were clear from the moment we began to talk. I contacted Daniel when I was at a very low point, with anxiety impacting every area of my life. I was finding it difficult to enjoy anything and was struggling with work. Coming back from an ankle operation, I was also trying to find my way back to physical fitness. We met for an intro session and Daniel’s knowledge, experience, compassion and motivation to help convinced me immediately to sign up for the DTWellbeing programme. This was exactly what I needed. Through the programme, Daniel helped me to find my feet again. Through focusing firstly on the basics, and then tailoring the programme to my specific needs, the improvement even in the first few weeks was incredible. Using exercise as both a tool to manage anxiety and as an opportunity to talk through issues is a powerful combination, and Daniel uses this to great effect. I continue to work with Daniel, and his infectious enthusiasm and drive, coupled with a high level of expertise, have allowed me to get back to a normal life and to feel like myself again. I would recommend the DTWellbeing programme to anyone that finds themselves in a similar position."

Fergal (Personal Training - Dublin)

"Daniel visited our school in May 2018 as part of our Mental Health Awareness week. He took the time to speak to all of our year groups (approx. 1200 students) in turn. Each group was captivated by what Daniel had to say. His presentation was engaging, active and extremely relevant to the students, and his enthusiasm, energy and positivity is infectious. Though our week was focused mostly on Mental Health, Daniel showed how caring for our wellbeing overall was the first step to positive mental health. His honesty with regard to his own experiences was inspiring. It really struck a chord with all who heard him speak. He gave genuine, simple advice to students to help them care for their wellbeing. (His ‘Core 4’ is a message which we still use around the school today) He showed them that there is always hope and students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances left feeling positive and enthusiastic about caring for their wellbeing. When reviewing our week, his visit was frequently mentioned as a highlight. I would highly recommend having Daniel visit your school, business, workplace, event....whatever the case may be! You will be all the better for it!"

Mr. Brennan (Public Speaking - St Flannan’s College)

"I contacted Daniel after I had come across his social media when I was looking for some personal training and was also interested to learn from someone who I thought stood out in terms of his determination to help others. I can say I have never been more impressed by anyones authenticity and good nature as Daniel and I had the pleasure of working with him on a productivity & wellbeing program recently where he taught me many valuable lessons on wellbeing and getting the most out of myself in my career. He is excellent in his knowledge of wellbeing and fitness, excellent at teaching people how to improve and also a great guy to talk to. I believe hiring him is one of the best things you could do whether you are an individual, group or organisation, young or old. A true role model for young people in Ireland."

Eanna (Online Coaching - Dublin)

"When I first arrived at Daniels HIIT class I assumed it was going to be the same thing as all the other generic classes I had been too. But I was quick to realise that it was different. The intensity and energy he brought to the class caught everyone’s attention from the get go and I knew I needed to up my game. Speaking clearly and concisely he demonstrated all the exercises that would be included in the class and set high expectations to make every rep count and focus on form not just simply going through the motions. Daniel pushes everyone including himself to get the most out of a 45 minute class. Not only does he have a killer playlist but also he makes sure there’s room for a bit of craic too as long as you’re not slacking on the workout. I couldn’t recommend him more as an instructor, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious!"

Rachel (Group Training - Sydney)